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About School

         The Grace Cottage Cultural & Educational Development Foundation, Kakching, was founded in 2006. It is the first and only CBSE School in Kakching. It is a co-educational English medium school that serves children from pre-school stage up to Xth standard.

The campus of the school is located in the south eastern part of Kakching on Pallel - Mantak Road popularly known as Louyai Lambi. It has a total area of 2.465 acres.. It is a clean and spacious campus. It is also adorned with beautiful trees and flowers. You will find our campus beautiful. We sincerely believe that our campus will be conducive for your child to learn and grow.

Further, the school is run by experienced and well-qualified teachers. Many of the teachers have invested a significant portion of their life in teaching. They are committed to work with every child and help them learn. We are confident that your child will be well-served by our teachers.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-2021Click Here to Download

Annual Report 2021-2022Click Here to Download

OUR MISSION: Raising well-rounded children

          A healthy child is one who has developed himself or herself in different aspects of life. However we make the mistake of placing academic excellence at the center of a child’s life. Academic excellence is just one aspect of a child’s life. We must strive to explore other aspects that are left unattended, and develop them. We intend to take up that task. Hence we are training our focus on co-scholastic education. Co-scholastics generally include life skills training, work education, physical and health education, value education, and visual and performing arts education. However its scope is boundless.

         Our desire is that all children should excel in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas; that they learn to value the co-scholastics as much as they do the scholastics. Neglecting the co-scholastics is an important reason why we have “educated” yet corrupt people in our country. We all want a healthy society. And our children are key to building a healthy society. We believe that developing them in various aspects of their life is important in making them healthy, consequently leading to a healthy society.

         We understand that our task is extremely difficult. And we do not claim to have fulfilled our mission. But we are committed to it. We invite you to become partners in our journey.

aim & objective

From the Secretary's Desk

         I would like to thank the almighty for the past and placing ourselves under his protection and guidance for the future. We have completed eleven years of striving, dedication, hard work and sincerity in our endeavor for providing quality education. Grace Cottage Academy is a place for joyful co-existence.

The mutual faith among the teachers and the students has manifested in producing men and women of character. We nurture the creative spirit inherent in every child. A variety of facilities and opportunities are provided to our children so that they may hone their skills and maximize their potential.

In todays world where schools have sprung up in every nook and corner or alley of the country, all making tall claims to trap the unsuspecting parents; the best way to choose a school for your child is to personally see it for yourself. Websites and prospectus could all be made to look very attractive with the advancement of technology, but a hand on experience in a prospective school that you narrow down on, in your search for one in which you would like your child to study, should be the ultimate determining factor.

This website will give you the basic information and impression of what goes to make the Grace Cottage Academy so special and distinctive in its character, but we would urge you to visit us and see how our students grow in this institution.

Our children need to be guided to learn to think, reason, analyses and not follow blindly. Combine the learning with actions, let unavoidable errors impel them to seek greater understanding. Teachers, parents and guardians need to work together to give our children a platform from which they may learn to open their wings and soar up confidently towards success.

Ksh Chaoba Singh

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